Commercial Services

CCTV or surveillance Camera Operating inside department store

Personalized Monitoring Services

Commercial security and monitoring is essential. These services protect your assets and investment. ​We offer hardwired and wireless systems. The devices to protect your business include door\window contacts, motion detectors, glass break sensors, panic alarms, cameras, and tracking cameras. All systems are monitored with dual band systems via network and cellular communication. This allows continuous contact to our office for dispatch services. Text messages from each commercial location are available to alert you when someone arms or disarms the system. Using your smart phone, you can control multiple locations using just one app!

Axis communication cameras

High-Definition License Plate Tracking Camera

Notice to the right, the system logs each passing license plate. Crystal clear picture ensures you get the details you need. This is ideal for parking structures, government buildings, commercial sites with large parking lots, and more.

​High-Definition Tracking Camera

Tracks a specific area while recording, utilizing fast camera re-positioning for smooth continuous tracking of an object. The high-definition gives you amazing quality images even in low light.